Traditional High School Alternative

We provide a unique learning experience for high school students.

An alternative high school rated Aalt by the Arizona Department of Education

Small Class Sizes

15-20 students per class

Certified Teachers

All classes are directly taught by Arizona certified teachers.

Half Day Sessions

Students attend from 8am-12pm or 12:30pm-4:30pm

Our Mission and Goals



Provide a school setting for students who require an alternative to the traditional high school setting in order to succeed.

ALC students


For all students to earn academic credits necessary to fulfill the Arizona State Board of Education graduation requirements and become lifelong learners.

ALC courtyard


  1. Accept "at risk students" who need an alternative, individualized academic program to succeed.
  2. Provide effective, research-based instructions and motivation to help students learn and master Arizona Standards necessary to pass courses and AzMERIT testing.
  3. Continually monitor and modify student's course of study action plan for graduation.


"If the student cannot demonstrate learning or achievement, then WE have failed the student, the student has not failed."


Graduation has been moved to Tuesday, May 23. 

Winter break is December 23-January 8.  School resumes on Monday, January 9.

Questions about getting started?

Drop us a line to find out more!