Accelerated Learning Center Faculty

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2020 - 2021 ALC Staff


Mr. Brinkman

Science Teacher


  • Bachelor of Chemistry and Education, Augsburg College


  • Middle School Science Teacher
  • High School Science Teacher

Interesting Fact: Mr. Brinkman is a certified lifeguard and swim instructor.

“The best way to handle those who say you can’t is to prove you can.”


Mrs. Coady

Administrative Assistant 


  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Staten Island
  • Integrated Office Systems Certificate, Drake's Business School


  • Preschool and Elementary Teacher
  • Administrative Assistant

Interesting Fact: Mrs. Coady is originally from New York and still has a New York accent.

“There is nothing better than to see a student glow with the realization that he or she is a graduate!”


Mrs. Curran

Charter Holder



  • Bachelor of Liberal Art, Loyola Marymount University
  • Master of Education and Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Canyon University
  • Reading Endorsement, Grand Canyon University
  • Master of Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University


  • Elementary Teacher
  • ALC English Teacher
  • Administrative Intern
  • ALC Principal

Interesting Fact: Mrs. Curran loves to travel and has lived in Spain and Australia.

“I truly feel that every student has the ability to be successful and it is my belief that an educator’s mission is to do everything possible to ensure this success.”


Mrs. Fantin

Special Education Director


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Drake University
  • Master of Arts in School Psychology, Capella University


  • Special Education Teacher
  • School Psychologist
  • Adjunct Instructor of Rio Salado Community College

Interesting Fact:Mrs. Fantin LOVES all sports and was a collegiate athlete.  Her absolute favorite thing to do is play with her baby boy, Dawson.

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” (Carl Jung)


Ms. Harris

Math Teacher


  • Bachelor of Science Middle School Education with an Emphasis in Math and Science, Arkansas State University
  • Master of Education in Secondary Education, Grand Canyon University


  • Junior High School Math and Science
  • High School Math and Science

Interesting Fact: Ms. Harris loves dancing and can bust a move every now and then.

“Space is full of stars from those before us who weren't afraid to reach for their dreams. We too need to reach for our dreams so we can also be added among the stars.”


Mr. Kabler



  • Bachelor of History, Arizona State University
  • Master of Education Leadership, Northern Arizona University


  • ALC English and History Teacher
  • ALC Afternoon Principal
  • ALC Assistant Principal

Interesting Fact: Mr. Kabler enjoys hiking every opportunity he can.

“The cornerstone of my philosophy is attendance, attitude and effort. If you do these three things in school as well as life, your chances of success grow many fold.”

Robin Loska

Mrs. Loksa

Government/ELA Teacher


  • Bachelor os Science, Marantha Baptist University
  • Master of Education, University of Phoenix


  • Elementary
  • Middle School English Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Junior High English/ESL
  • High School English and History

Interesting Fact:

“Mrs. Loska is an adventurer and moved to the island of Guam after college to teach and enjoy the Beach. Bonus: meeting her husband and best friend of 30 years.”


Mrs. Markham

Director of Curriculum and Instruction


  • Master of Science in Instructional Technology, Grand Canyon University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Arizona State University
  • Teacher Certification, Rio Salado Community College


  • Technical Writer
  • Communications and Marketing Consultant
  • ALC English Teacher (10 years)

Interesting Fact: Mrs. Markham is a certified scuba diver.

“I have seen countless struggling students prevail when given the opportunity and the tools to demonstrate their learning in different ways.”

IMG_7330 3

Miss Merkel

Social Studies Teacher


  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University


  • English Language Arts Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Adjunct Instructor, Essex County College

Interesting Fact: Miss Merkel is a former river guide.  She loves chasing waterfalls!

“History is crazy and exciting! I try to discuss the interesting bits in my classes.”


Mr. Tubb

Art/PE Teacher


  • Bachelor of Education, Arizona State University


  • Elementary PE and Science Teacher
  • ALC PE and Art Teacher

Interesting Fact: Mr. Tubb enjoys playing music and exploring the great outdoors.

“Self-improvement is a lifelong process.”


Mrs. Wright



  • Bachelor of Education, Arizona State University


  • ALC Teacher (23 years)

Interesting Fact: Mrs. Wright has traveled to all 50 states.

“Life is a maze. We'll help you through it.”

Grand Makep Sale

ALC Founders


Dr. F. Canady


  • Associates Degree, Phoenix Junior College
  • Bachelor of Elementary and Special Education, Arizona State University
  • Master of Counseling, Arizona State University
  • Doctor of Educational Administration, Northern Arizona University


  • Special Education Teacher
  • Assistant Principal
  • Principal
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • ALC Charter Holder (23 years)

Interesting Fact: Dr. Canady has run multiple marathons in his life.

“ALC students, parents and staff have made my last 22 years in education simply amazing and gratifying.”


Dr. S. Canady


  • Bachelor of Education, Northern Arizona University
  • Master of Administration, Northern Arizona University
  • Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction, Northern Arizona University


  • Elementary Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Principal
  • ALC Charter Holder (23 years)

Interesting Fact: Dr. Canady is the 5th generation Arizonan.

“All students come to ALC with a clean slate.”