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Accelerated Learning Center in Phoenix, Arizona, stands as a beacon of educational innovation and excellence. Our school is dedicated to providing students with a dynamic and accelerated learning experience that empowers them to reach their full academic potential. Through a combination of personalized teaching methods, cutting-edge technology, and a nurturing environment, our staff helps students excel in their studies while fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Located in North Phoenix, this institution not only offers individualized academics but also encourages students to engage in the diverse cultural and extracurricular opportunities the area has to offer. Accelerated Learning Center in Phoenix is truly a place where students can thrive and prepare for a successful future.

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Testimonials & Reviews

From Our Students and Families at the Learning Center

“I will never stop singing this school’s praises until the day I die. I came to ALC on the verge of dropping out of high school altogether with a 0.5 GPA. The school was my Hail Mary to see if I could actually accomplish my goals of graduating. When I did in 2016, I did so with a 4.0 GPA. The teachers and every single staff member genuinely care about these students and will go the extra mile to see their students succeed. If you’re looking at this school for your student, know that they can and will succeed here, but expect your student to do their part. Achieving goals is never easy. But the tools to succeed are in this little school. A message Dr. Canady would say was ‘everyone deserves a second chance’, so I urge any parent to take that second chance here. Get that diploma, because it is possible.”

— Student

“ALC was the third high school my daughter attended and the first one in which she thrived! The 1/2 day, small class environment suited her so well. Each teacher worked with her individually to find a learning program that worked for her. She loved her classes and loved her teachers and developed a love for learning and education that was wonderful to see. She is graduating in May and so excited to begin college in the Fall. It is a wonderful school!”

— Parent/Guardian

“ALC has been a godsend! My son was in two schools before this one, neither of which were a good fit. This school has been just what he needed — small class sizes, attentive teachers and staff, half-day schedule. He is even going to graduate on time, even though he came in 6 months behind. They helped him catch up. I’m so grateful for this school.”

— Parent/Guardian

“I attended Accelerated Learning Center the second semester of my sophomore year. I had attended Horizon my freshman year and hated it. Being extremely behind on my credits, I was told I wouldn’t graduate on time. I enrolled at ALC and not only did I graduate on time, I graduated EARLY. I would recommend this school to absolutely anyone and cannot express my gratitude enough to the staff of ALC.”

— Student

“If I could give Accelerated Learning Center (ALC) a galaxy of stars, I would. Our student needed a change from the traditional public school environment. The long school days and heavy homework demands were not compatible with the way she learns and processes information. After a turbulent freshman year at a large high school in our district, we made the decision to send her to ALC her sophomore year. Her experience at ALC resulted in her achieving the best academic success in her entire school career up to that point. After attending ALC for about a year and a half, she made the decision to finish high school online, where she continues to thrive academically. Because ALC offers a learning environment that is much more manageable, she saw that she was able to succeed and was empowered to continue to do well. I would encourage any parent to consider ALC if their student, for whatever reason, would benefit from a change. Thank you, ALC, for making a difference in our student’s life. We are forever grateful.”

— Parent/Guardian

“Fantastic experience. Small classes, great teachers and faculty, we focus on success and encouragement for the future, be at college, trade school, Armed Forces, etc. The principal and administrative staff are top notch. The principal has been at the school for many years and takes a personal interest in each student. He cares very much about their bright futures. Very personalized approach to working with each individual student. The teachers care.”

— Student

“The accelerated Learning Center in Phoenix has been a life saver for my daughter. The school uses a well thought out and intelligent teaching format along with having a wonderful and dedicated staff that treat each teenager as family and an individual of worth that can succeed. Rather than overload kids with hours of homework, every principle and lesson is learned in class and must be passed successfully in order to move ahead to the next lesson. This allows one on one teaching when necessary and prevents failing a course for kids that need extra help or encouragement. The teachers here actually teach! My daughter now comes home and tells me of interesting and useful things she has learned, rather than telling me it is the same old boring stuff. This is a school for the student that wants to graduate, and wants to know that something is possible after the diploma, whether it be college or career. I am so grateful to have found this for my daughter and my only regret is that more towns do not offer this type of program. One size does not fit all when it comes to education.”

— Parent/Guardian

Bernice Harris
Best place I have ever had the pleasure to work for. They take care of their staff there and very understanding with family emergencies. They do everything they can to help their students succeed in school and to prepare them for the future.
Travis Collins
If your child is struggling with traditional high school, you owe it to them to take a closer look at this school.
Tatum Marie
This school saved my life. I had to leave my public high school due to mental health issues and since I moved to ALC my life has been changed for the better. I have made so many good quality friends and made so many memories going here. AS WELL as Mrs.Wright and Mr.Tubb, I’d like to personally thank them for keeping me so motivated and never letting me undermine my potential. If your child is struggling and needs help from teachers and faculty that care, ALC is the school for you. I am a graduating senior writing this, I could not have asked for a better lowkey high school experience then this. This school saved me, my friends, and many more and I highly recommend it.
Victoria Olson
This place is very nice and accommodating
Beau Ashton
cheese man say YES!!!

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